Family Storytelling Sessions 

Every family is unique and my goal is to make honest art that tells the story of you. I want your kids to run free, show me their toys, tell me stories, get dirty, and be a little crazy. Don't worry, we'll get some family photos where everyone is in the frame and possibly all looking at the camera at once but they won't be perfectly posed with strained smiles... that's just not how I roll. I want to get to know your family even before I photograph you so I'll send you a fun little questionnaire. You'll tell me what you all love and what you like to do together as a family. I love in-home sessions because of their originality but if your family loves to be out and about then let's go to your favorite location! A little piece of advice, do NOT get upset with your kids during our session because you think they are not cooperating. The best art comes from unscripted moments so just relax and go with it